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Max Courage Award Chinese

Congratulations to our US-based student, A-, for being awarded the Max Courage American Essay Contest!

Student A- has been working with us for over a year. Meeting Student A-, it was evident that her academic strengths leaned toward math and science. She, like many students, did not excel or enjoy English writing. Consequently, her grades in this subject were lower by comparison.

However, over the past year, this student has slowly been developing their writing through guided exercises and reading. Notably, Student A- has shown a proclivity toward the fantasy genre, including book series like Percy Jackson and The Olympians and Harry Potter.

While cultivating strong reading habits, she also pushed herself more and more to write. At first quite shy, she avoided writing tasks like a child forced to eat vegetables. But she slowly came out of her shell and even expressed humor in her writing style!

When introduced to the Max Courage American Essay Contest, she also resisted the activity, but once she got started, she really shined! Fortunately, an essay contest about courage allowed her to show her courage in writing!

The Max Courage American Essay Contest invites young students to write a personal narrative for a chance for publication in their yearly magazine. Student A- will published for the 33rd magazine's edition.