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Founded in 2022, Tiger Head Education was founded with the mission of empowering students to improve themselves and find their path toward higher education.

Our head office is in Shanghai, China and we seek to serve students applying to top educational programs. Having guided students to achieve at the top of their desired fields and enter top global universities, such as Stanford, Vanderbilt, Emory, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Oxford, Wellesley and others, Tiger Head Education empowers students to aim higher and get ahead!
Students consistently ranked at the top of their class in competitive high schools like:

◦ Choate Rosemary Hall

◦ No. 2 High School of East China Normal University

◦ Phillips Exeter Academy

◦ Shanghai American School

◦ Shanghai High School International Division

◦ Shanghai Star river Bilingual School

◦ Shanghai United International School

◦ The Ethel Walker School

◦ YK Pao School

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What Does It Take To Get In?

◦ School Grades

◦ SAT or ACT

◦ Academic Honors

◦ Extracurricular Activities

◦ Common Application Essays

◦ Personality and Soft Skills

◦ Relationship with Teachers

◦ Alumni Interview

◦ Academic Honors